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The EU Sanctions 19 Chavista Leaders, Judges, Military And Police

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The European Union (EU) has launched a new barrage of sanctions against Chavista leaders, including judges of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE), military, and police. One of the most prominent is the collaborationist deputy Jose Brito, who is in Italy at the moment to demand the deportation of former vice president Rafael Ramirez, who was a powerful oil czar with Hugo Chavez and with Nicolas Maduro himself. Brito, expelled from Primero Justicia (PJ) for his economic relations with the Colombian millionaire Alex Saab, is the new president of the Special Investigation Commission of Actions Perpetrated against the Republic in Parliament after the fraudulent elections of last year. He is also the coordinator of PJ’s fake brand, Primero Venezuela.

And that they sanctioned me? Hahahaha Ropes of clowns (many clowns)”, Brito reacted on his social networks after knowing the sanctions. Deportation would weigh on the controversial leader if the Italian Government decides to immediately apply the Brussels sanctions. Among the measures taken against all those sanctioned is the ban on traveling to European territory, as well as the freezing of assets. Precisely the revolution held on Saturday in Caracas an exotic concert to demand the freedom of Saab, the main financial operator of Chavismo and figurehead of Maduro who awaits his extradition to the United States in Cape Verde, whose defense lawyer is former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon. Today more than 300 political prisoners survive in the dungeons of Chavismo.

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The EU advanced at the end of January, at the proposal of High Commissioner Josep Borrell, its decision to impose “new selective restrictive measures”. The new sanctions are accused of “undermining the electoral rights of the opposition and the democratic functioning of the National Assembly and serious violations of human rights and restrictions of fundamental freedoms. With them are more than fifty those sanctioned by the EU. In this round, Commander Remigio Ceballos stands out, number two in the Army and a key piece among the military who support Maduro. Next to him are three generals of division and brigade, at the head of the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (Dgcim) and two chiefs of the police.

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The most “known” is Miguel Dominguez, the director of the terrible Police Special Actions Forces (FAES), baptized as the “extermination brigades” of Chavismo by the United Nations. The Council of the EU has charged with special emphasis against the judges of the Supreme Court and against the rectors of the National Electoral Council (CNE), the revolutionary bodies that persecute the opposition and that also carried out the fraud of the parliamentary elections in December. The magistrates are Luis Damiani, Lourdes Suarez, Calixto Ortega, Rene Alberto Degraves, Arcadio Delgado, and Carmen Zuleta.

The sanctions have also fallen on Indira Alfonzo, president of the electoral body; about his vice president, Leonardo Morales, and about the rector Tania D? Amelio, who was already a member of the old CNE that carried out the 2018 presidential elections for Maduro. Governor Omar Prieto, from the border state of Zulia, completes the list together with Deputy Minister Manuel Perez Urdaneta and with the deputy of the fraudulent AN Bernabe Gutierrez, head of the Democratic Action split.

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