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The Fans Do Believe That This Time Ramos Can Go .. And Is Positioned Next To The Club

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The renewal of Sergio Ramos for Real Madrid has become a case … again. It is not the first time it happens. Until now in the previous ones, the result has always been the same handshake between Sergio and Florentino Perez and the extension of a union that started at the end of August 2005 when the camera became the first Spanish signing of the president current Real Madrid. However, the fans no doubt that this outcome will be repeated. Not overwhelmingly but the option of Ramos separating from Madrid in the macro-poll with seven questions posed by MARCA.com and which had more than 700,000 votes wins. So were the results.

1. What should Real Madrid offer Sergio Ramos?

Clearly wins 62% the option that it is the club that must set the guidelines for the negotiation and Ramos adapt to that path. The weight of Ramos, with his more than 15 years at Madrid 22 titles, and being one of the most important players in the history of the club does not allow the thesis to prevail that he is such a legend that he has earned being who demands in the renovation.

2. What do you think will happen to Sergio Ramos?

Key question. It is the one that gives the choice about how the outcome of the chess game between the president and the captain can be. Despite the fact that in previous cases, such as in 2015 or 2018 history ended in renewal the option that is imposed is that this time Ramos will leave: 37%. The 34 believe that it will continue for a year, not far from the 29% who think that in the end there will be an agreement for more than one season, no matter how much the club’s policy is to renew only one season to players over 30 years old.

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3. Where would Ramos go if he left Madrid?

Absolute majority: PSG would be destiny. This is what 54% believe, the thesis supported by the information from the Chiringuito in which it was ensured that Ramos told Florentino that the French team was going to form a great team with him and Messi. The second most voted option is the United States. It is an unrealistic route because if Ramos leaves, he will do so to a team that does not compromise its presence with Spain in the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

4. Who is right in the discussion?

There is no debate: three out of four votes (76%) are clear that Madrid is the one who is right in their proposal. The situation generated by the pandemic supports part of such a resounding answer, but perhaps the basis is in the following question.

5. Is Sergio Ramos irreplaceable?

This question links to the previous one and the result is identical. The history of Madrid explains it well. The day that Di Stéfano left and the one that Cristiano left came, and the club continued to be great even though there was a drop in results. Nobody can discuss what Ramos is in the centenary life of Madrid, that there will be a before and after him, but the fans are clear that there is no footballer on whom the future of the most important entity of the history of football

6. Which center should be Real Madrid’s priority

if Sergio Ramos leaves the Technical tie between David Alaba and Pau Torres: 37% for each. With that level of votes for the Austrian Bayern and the Villarreal international, the rest of the options are blurred. They are two left-handed central one in full maturity, Alaba, and the other with a dazzling future at 23 years old. The fans make it clear that they are the options that generate the most enthusiasm.

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7. Messi-Ramos who should renew?

Surprising decision: neither one. They are possibly the two banners right now of a League that has been losing star capital in recent years. However, 35% believe that both should abandon their teams of which two are captains. Having to choose that only one would renew Ramos devastates Messi 33-7 is the relationship. 25% believe that the best thing is that Madrid and Barcelona reached an agreement with their icon players.

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