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The Flight Attendant: A Satisfying Ending Whether There Is Season 2 Or Not

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The new series of Kaley Cuoco, The Flight Attendant HBO Max is like a shot, and not only in terms of its success in platform streaming but that still released just a couple of weeks, it is already facing its final stretch. After broadcasting its first three episodes in its debut and two more the following week, the ‘thriller’ starring the former from The Big Bang Theory premieres two new chapters this week, specifically tonight across the pond and tomorrow, Friday 11 of December on HBO Spain. Thus, without hardly realizing it, we stand a week before the broadcast of its outcome on December 17 with the final episode ‘Arrivals & Departures’ (1×08).

Precisely about the end of the series, the cast member Zosia Mamet, who plays the lawyer and best friend of Cassie (Cuoco), has spoken in statements to TVLine. Asked directly about the outcome of the first season of The Flight Attendant and about the possibility of a second installment, the also former Girl has preferred not to get too wet, although her statements are an important clue as to what we can expect.

According to Mamet, the second season of The Flight Attendant is possible in terms of the story, although viewers would also be satisfied if ‘Arrivals & Departures’ (1×08) is, in addition to the end of the season, the end of the story. “That is a difficult question …” answers the interpreter when asked if the last episode lays the groundwork for a new installment, although, pulling a little on the tongue, it provides some more information.

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And does that “more” depend on the success of the series? “Yes,” Mamet sentence. “I can also tell you that we would all be delighted to do more of this series, so We do not completely wrap it all up for you. I think you will be satisfied, but we hope you also want more,” he repeats.

Thus, it seems that the final decision will depend on HBO Max. Haven’t you seen the new series of the former The Big Bang Theory yet? Don’t rule out seeing the person in charge of playing Penny in a very, very different role: that of a young flight attendant addicted to parties who wakes up with a dead man next to her without remembering what happened the night before.

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