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The Hormiguero : Carlos Alsina Knocks Pablo Iglesias Down

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That Carlos Alsina is perhaps the best communicator there is, it is more than self-evident. That Carlos Alsina is probably the best writer, as well. His capacity to make statements without upheavals, cheap shots, and as obviously as conceivable is an irrefutable reality. The previous evening at El Hormiguero, Carlos Alsina was not going to flaunt anything extraordinary. He gave with an open hand to what and to whom he viewed as given, period. What’s more, indeed, the facts demonstrate that the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, probably had his ears ringing until they burst, however, the slaps that Carlos Alsina gave him were not insane, since indeed, they were slaps that truly hurt, similar to the ones your dad gave you when you were nearly nothing and when you least anticipated it, or maybe, Alsina’s were sitting tight for them.

The warm night started, with a “you work more than Pablo Iglesias’ sitter” from Pablo Motos to Carlos Alsina, who nearly thumped down the writer before the columnist to other people. Alsina’s face said everything. You’ll fall Pablo Motos, you’ll fall, Alsina probably thought. What’s more, it proceeded as it was relied upon to proceed. “You were granted the 2020 Best Journalist of the Year Award from the Madrid Press Association and in your discourse, you said that one of the issues of reporting right presently was self-restriction,” Pablo Motos started the meeting. “Indeed, it has consistently been there, however now the provocation crusades against writers on informal organizations have been added. Furthermore, that makes our self-control. That is the reason I evade themes that could cause this. of Pablo Iglesias, at that point proceed, “answered Carlos Alsina anticipating that the night planned to get very tough for the VP of the Government.

Furthermore, as Carlos Alsina said during the program, it isn’t the equivalent to be Pablo Iglesias, head of Podemos, than to be the VP of the Government, because the VP of the Government expresses certain things “adds a state of gravity.” And what things? All things considered, the survey that Pablo Motos, who needed, and Carlos Alsina did the previous evening in El Hormiguero to Pablo Iglesias was gigantic. As Carlos Alsina brought up, today they will disclose to him everything, the individuals who will acclaim him and the individuals who will condemn him, the individuals who will excuse him as a “look” and the individuals who will sentence that he just gives the Government and, particularly, Pablo Iglesias. In any case, in the previous evening’s meeting, the survey that Carlos Alsina gave Iglesias was each of the outcomes of the last assertions of the VP and, obviously, of the differences all day every day that this is causing among the individuals who should be Government accomplices. That is, Alsina didn’t remove a single thing from her sleeve, it is the everyday.

Let us not fail to remember that there was a first endeavor to shape the public authority alliance. At the point when that first endeavor fizzled, Sanchez clarified, he advised me in a meeting, that they had a particularly unique political culture that it was difficult to agree. The marriage they have is a marriage of comfort. Furthermore, truly the goal of everyone is to remain with the citizens of the other. Consequently this every day torpedo, “said Carlos Alsina.


On the off chance that you welcome Carlos Alsina to your program to talk with him, it won’t discuss whether the chicken or the egg started things out. Furthermore, it is additionally evident that Carlos Alsina at first attempted to check red lines that he didn’t expect to cross because of the self-oversight that he, at the end of the day, conceded applying for dread that any remark from him could cause that “badgering” of which he talked toward the start of the meeting. In any case, it is troublesome, hard to contain yourself when they put it to egg, and Pablo Motos put it to the egg because as Alsina himself said at one point in the meeting, who has been in this for a brief timeframe, can be influenced, yet the individuals who convey such countless years and they get beaten each day like no. So once he bounced into the pool, he hopped with the total hardware, yet consistently with that class that portrays him, with that quiet and comfortable tone wherein, while clarifying or announcing something, he is telling real factors that by a wide margin that some won’t see are occurring.

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The assertions of this Tuesday by Pablo Iglesias in the exhibition of Congress, demanding indeed that control should be applied to the media, have caused a chain response in many columnists. Carlos Alsina, alongside numerous different columnists, has been one of them and the previous evening in El Hormiguero he was not going to botch the chance, nor did Pablo Motos, to clarify what he accepts are the aims of the Vice President of the Government by demanding that there is to control the media and writers. “The allegation has consistently existed. They have consistently highlighted awkward columnists, yet it was done in the private circle. However, there is a piece of the Government that is shown in these practices, they need us to realize that columnists can be referenced with their name in the Palace of La Moncloa . You can say higher, however not more clear. Indeed, provocation and bringing up columnists has consistently existed, the distinction presently is that will be that now it is shown, it moves, it gets noticeable, it is uncovered so the power of the endeavor to quiet is a lot more grounded, so the dread is much more prominent.

What causes these expressions of Carlos Alsina to procure more explanation behind being isn’t that Carlos Alsina says them, it is that Carlos Alsina contends them and it is when more than one of them need to drop the sticks of the shadow: “Pablo Iglesias what he needs is to choose if I can be in this program or if we can discuss what we are discussing now. It is his most noteworthy desire. That endeavor at control has consistently existed, however now with the show. It is a horrendous thing. The VP can’t say that he doesn’t He has power and that the correspondence organizations have more than him. What happens is that he fails to remember that private TVs need a permit from the Government, radio organizations require an authoritative concession. So more force than he is unthinkable I have no more force than him. He has arrived at the bad habit administration of the Government with the equivalent media power that presently disturbs him a similar Atresmedia, a similar Mediaset, a similar paper Of Press. Furthermore, the blows continue to fall.

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On the off chance that last night the arrangement of El Hormiguero had been about, there would as of now be one who might have fallen by K.O, and it would not be Carlos Alsina. It can’t be rejected that last night’s meeting by Pablo Motos with Carlos Alsina consistently rotated around a similar circle, however, it is additionally verifiable that it is that circle that is the feature, on the whole, the media, from various article lines, from various belief systems, the entire days. Tuning in to Carlos Alsina clarify the Dina case with asepsis with what he clarified shows at what level some are and at what level others are. He gave an expert class on the most proficient method to tell something where you can give the Vice President of the Government with an open hand without placing in the mud or a large portion of your toe. He did it with the Dina case, yet additionally with the ‘battle’ between the public authority accomplices that as of late has been expanding in acceptable part since things (and things have names and family names) is beginning to escape control.

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How did you stay when Iglesias said that in Spain there is no full popular government. Wouldn’t you say Pablo Iglesias says what he needs since he thinks nothing will happen to him?” Pablo Motos changed third, albeit the bull continued as before. “It has consistently been this way. What happens that he is currently VP of the Government. Truly where this comes from will be from an assertion made by Pablo Iglesias about Junqueras and Puigdemont because he comprehends that Junqueras is a political detainee and Puigdemont an outcast. Be that as it may, what might be said about him? Say a VP of the Government adds a state of gravity, interestingly, the leader of the Government himself who requested Irene Lozano to deactivate the promulgation from political detainees at that point, presently doesn’t do as such “, said Carlos Alsina. With contentions, consistently with contentions. I demand you can give hits with an open hand and reality slaps, Alsina’s last night was a greater amount of the second than the first.


Also, the thing was not going to decay. At the point when you need to bargain blows or you circulate them all or for what reason do you start. “Do you have individual contact with the lawmakers you talk with?” Pablo Motos proceeded. Simply on the off chance that somebody imagined that Carlos Alsina paddled with a few and tossed others into the ocean with a stone attached to his feet, the writer made it exceptionally understood, so evident that he has not addressed Pedro S├ínchez once more, for instance, since The last meeting she did with him, and it was in October 2019. “I like to stay away. She tried not to have an individual relationship because, in the end, it impacts how you talk about them. It mollifies or solidifies you. distance. I don’t meet for espresso or anything. I do have Pedro Sanchez’s telephone number, yet he didn’t call him.

He requested dig to meet for espresso, however, the last message I have from Pedro Sanchez was in the last meeting in the person who revealed to us that she could never do what she has done later. “Furthermore, realizing that the meeting planned to bring a line, the line they were discussing toward the start, the line of I will make you tumble off a jackass, it was Carlos Alsina himself who with no fight highlighted the questioner himself, even though there was a greater amount of an event when it was not known whether it was Motos or Carlos Alsina, that there were a bigger number of gatherings than those of the Government and that it would not be awful to likewise discuss them since “at that point, they will say that we just give the Government”. This is the thing that columnists like Alsina have, which isn’t an issue of reds, purples, blues, greens or oranges, it is an issue of determining what’s going on, of genuineness with the audience, with the peruser or with the watcher, and that incorporates everybody, regardless of whether they are in the public authority. If they are news, on the off chance that they accomplish something that is news, they will be. The PP loses in Catalonia and the shortcoming lies with the structure. Is what Casado does isn’t right? “, Pablo Motos changed the record, yet Carlos Alsina continued as before. Where you need to give is given.

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I think he is paying for the legacy he has gotten. The legacy got is debasement, it is the legacy of Barcenas, from box B, however, what brings the outcomes that we are seeing is how the PP responded when knowing this, the moving of in. Rajoy’s responsibility was to impede the explanation of this and that is the thing that Casado is paying for the time being. What’s more, Casado additionally acquires the Catalonia of 2017, the reason for a large part of the PP’s ills. Rajoy went through months saying that there would be no voting booths, that they were not going to announce autonomy and afterward there were voting stations, freedom was proclaimed. What does Married do at that point? It’s confounded, however not having been the leader of the PP at that point. This one additionally seemed like a decent slap.

Excessively serious for a solitary evening and a meeting of a little more than 20 minutes. Carlos Alsina knew and needed to eliminate the iron from the matter, he needed that today’s different features were not the hosts with an open hand to Churches, Government and others. So toward the finish of the meeting, Carlos Alsina went from being met to the questioner and wound up uncovering one of Pablo Motos’ greatest insider facts, the moderator was researched by the CNI. The story has a joke, however, Alsina figured out how to make Pablo Motos apprehensive, who needed to surrender and wind up saying that after Soraya Saenz de Santamaria’s visit to El Hormiguero, Pablo Motos went to visit the CNI, “the part that can be seen”.

At the point when the visit finished, Saenz de Santamaria and a general showed him a photograph of Pablo Motos with a man and disclosed to him that the CNI had researched him for his association with Al Qaeda. It was a photograph that Pablo Motos had taken on the seashore with a fan who requested it. What Pablo Motos didn’t know is that this man was a significant Al Qaeda psychological militant. “Incidentally, I snapped that picture on the seashore since he requested that I snap a photo right away I said yes and incidentally, he was a hazardous person, who fortunately is presently in prison,” Motos clarified.

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