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The Immigrant Quino Colom: “Valencia Did Not Bitch Me, But I Felt Underused”

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For the third time in his career, Quino Colom has had to pack his bags. On December 16 the point guard signed with Red Star after leaving Valencia Basket which at the beginning of the season told him that he did not have him and where he had not played for a minute this season. After going through Russia for three years at Unics Kazan and Turkey one at Bahcesehir Koleji Serbia’s will be his third adventure abroad.

The base who visits Real Madrid tonight has always done better outside than at home. I hope that in Belgrade I can play well even abroad, which is something that has never mattered to me. The best years of my career have been spent abroad. In other places, I have been given the role that suited me best and I felt more comfortable and beloved says Colom star of Radio MARCA’s We like basketball.

”In Valencia they did not believe in my style nor did they give me the promised role. If you don’t, sign a player with other characteristics”

Both in his stage in Kazan and Istanbul, he had a great weight in the teams. At the Red Star, so far, he has played three Euroleague matches. Their participation has been progressive: 10 minutes in the debut against Zenit Saint Petersburg, 14 in the victory over Panathinaikos, and already 21 against Fenerbahce. He has averages of 9.3 points with 5/7 in triples, 2.0 assists, and a PIR of 8.7 in just over 15 minutes. The adaptation is being good. People help me a lot and, of the places I have been, it is the one that most resembles Spain he says.

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The Andorran player still has the thorn of not having been able to triumph on his return to Spain. He was one of the great signings of Valencia in the summer of 2019, but then nothing went as expected. The fear I had of returning to the ACB was confirmed in two weeks. I already saw that things were not going where I wanted them to reveal the point guard, who does not understand why he was signed, They did not believe in my style nor did they gave me the promised role. If you don’t sign a player with other characteristics.

“The best years of my career have been spent abroad. In other places, they have given me the role that suited me best and I have felt more comfortable and loved “

Despite everything, he played almost every game last season and finished with averages of 7.3oints p, 4.2 assists, and a PIR of 9.1 in the Euroleague. In summer, the Taronga club told him to find a team. It’s hard for them to tell you that they don’t count on you and not find a way out. It’s a very bad feeling that no matter how much you do in training and that even with injuries, they don’t use you, says a Colom who doesn’t hold a grudge against Valencia, who will be measured on Friday in this double round of Euroleague:

They have not come to whore me. I have not felt mistreated, but underused, yes. Everything changed for him, blessed FIBA ​​Windows. In qualifying for the World Cup, he became a benchmark for the national team with which he was the world champion in 2019. In the last Sergio Scariolo called him up despite not playing. It was a very good gesture. That is why the national team is a family. Those games put me in the window again and from then on they started calling teams says the point guard who dreams of being in the Tokyo Games.

”Scariolo’s gesture taking me to the Windows despite not playing was very good. Those games put me back in the window and started calling teams”

Now, after months of working alone waiting for an offer, Colom feels like a new player. He hopes to shine again away from home enjoy basketball and one of the hottest environments that can be experienced in Europe that of Pionir. I hope there will be an audience soon because since I have suffered as a visitor let them make me enjoy myself as a local.

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