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The Island Of Temptations 3 Lola And A Game Too Dangerous

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Either last night’s program of The Island of Temptations 3 is missing more than an hour of images or the Lola thing surpasses everything that has been seen to date on The Island of Temptations. It is not just infidelity it is all that your new infidelity takes. Yes, new. Simone, the Italian for whom her entire relationship with Diego was at stake, has passed away. And when everyone, starting with Diego himself (who also has a lot to keep silent), we thought we saw a repentant Lola, a Lola that she had found herself and that she was clear whoosh! The slap is so big that if you don’t see it, it’s hard to believe. A horny said the protagonist of this serial. One thing is a heater and another is last night in The Island of Temptations 3. Those of Isaac and Marina, and not even being like two embers have done nothing yet, unless we have seen, for now. Everything will come, friends.

Look how last week with Lucía’s bonfire watching Manuel get involved with Stefany and Fiama, I thought I had already seen it all. Look, I thought that Manuel was difficult to overcome. Look I thought the Jesus roll with Stefany after kissing Manuel was the last line to cross. Look, seeing Diego hook up with Carla for revenge left me in check. Well, no, Lola was missing, and Lola surpasses everything and more. After last night, Lola’s, Diego’s, I am increasingly clear that God creates them and they come together. They are made for each other.

Seriously, I am very amazed and not because of the fact itself, that the fact can really be said that it does not exceed the rhombus, but because of what it implies, because of the consequences, because of the previous theater, and because of the betrayal, especially because of the treason. First, the betrayal of herself. Second, the betrayal of Diego, although the friend doesn’t even deserve water.

Third, the betrayal of Lucia. And finally, if there could be the last one, I have no choice but to agree with Simone, Lola’s role is worthy of a Goya, the Goya of honor from The Island of Temptations 3and from all the islands of temptations in a long time. It’s just that it doesn’t make sense to me that someone can make such a big role, it doesn’t fit me that someone can have those two faces, I don’t believe that someone can be Snow White and then the bad queen. Something escapes me or something they want to escape us.

We go in parts because there is a lot of fabric to cut. That Lola ends up hooking up with Carlos is nothing new because putting a program at a last-minute on Tuesdays on The Island of Temptations 3 serves so that what was going to be new becomes outdated. The novelty is far from that, neither that he does it in the same bed with Lucía sleeping next to him, nor that anything about his behavior presages that he would end up “sucking” with Carlos. The really surprising thing is that after seeing this and, above all.

after seeing the preview, it is impossible to explain what goes through Lola’s head, what Lola has really gone to. The island of temptations 3 and how Lola intends to end all this. Lola is playing a very dangerous game, I think the most dangerous one can play in such a situation. It is like the chronicle of an announced death, but here there are going to be too many corpses along the way. Last night’s program of The Island of Temptations 3 begins with Lola’s bonfire, with which it remained to be seen. In it, Diego is seen destroying her completely, assuring that luckily she had not had a child with her because, in short, she is a starving woman. To kill him. When someone says something about their partner of that caliber, no matter how hurt and pissed off they may be, it is that they neither love them nor have loved them and they probably cannot love anyone in their life other than themselves.

Of course, he also saw the images of Diego kissing Carla. But this is not what makes Lola feel the worst, it is Diego’s words saying that he has never had a penny, which blows Lola, which makes her recognize that Diego is vindictive and that he is doing everything out of pride, and nothing more than pride. Lola leaves the bonfire touched. In fact, she is so touched that her companions accept that the veto necklace goes to Carla. At first, he does not do it with the intention that later seems to remain that it is to send a message to DiegoActually, she is the one who says it, she does it to “screw him”.

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It may seem silly and the typical reaction after seeing and hearing Diego, but Lola’s words, as well as Diego’s actions, demonstrate is that their relationship is a relationship that goes beyond being toxic. They are not in The Island of Temptations 3 to find out if they are with the couple that they should and want, they, especially Lola, are here to play, to risk, and at this point to destroy each other. After what I saw of Lola last night, I can assure you that I am unable to understand her, but I cannot understand Diego either. In Diego’s heart there is so much resentment, so much desire for revenge that, even though he is right in what he saw of Lola at the first bonfire, it is very difficult for me to understand why she does and why she says certain things.

After finishing the bonfire each one goes to his villa, they meet the single men again, and then Lola’s attitude changes suddenly. He no longer wants to be with Simone, Simone absorbs him, Simone takes away his energy, Simone is already a hindrance. What happened that we have not seen so that Lola goes in a matter of hours from wanting to be constantly with Simone to not even wanting to see him? Something is missing because his reaction responded to what he saw of Diego does not add up or push the pieces. He gives the appointment to Simone but insists that he does not want to be with Simone. Her teammates recommend that she talk to him, tell him and not play with the Italian anymore. Lola says it to him and obviously, the Italian is not a bit funny, the Italian creeps it up quickly.

The relationship between them is strained to a point that when Lucía, destroyed by Manuel’s infidelities, decides not to go on a date with Carlos and stay at the villa, Lola admits that she doesn’t want to go on a date with him either. Still, it goes. Why? Why don’t you stay at the villa like Lucia? Why are you pushing the situation to the limit? He tightens the rope and Simone himself so much that when he arrives at the meeting place, as Simone does not speak to him and is like a “wall”, Lola decides to go in the canoe alone and leave Simone alone. How beautiful everything! It is when the two of them are alone when SimoneHe reproaches him for his attitude, tells him that he thinks he is playing a role and that he does not understand how in a matter of hours she goes from being in the pool hugging him to not wanting to know anything about him.

Lola, just as she took what Diego said about not having a penny fatal, she takes what Simone tells her that he is acting. And, of course, it doesn’t let him finish. He interrupts him, tries to step on him all the time when he speaks and when Simone is really angry, he gets up from the place and leaves because she has not been to The Island of Temptations 3 to which no one yells at him. At what point does Simone yell at him? What Lola didn’t like is that Simone discovered his cake.

And it is true that while you see those images you understand Lola and you understand Simone. Lola played with him, Lola was attracted to him, Lola needed someone to give her ears as a gift, Lola wanted someone to hang on to her a little bit, but Lola never thought about the damage she could do the other person. She admits it herself, but everything with Lola is one of lime and another of sand. It was very funny when leaving the date because SimoneHe would not let her speak, he says that he was going to apologize because she knew he was wrong.

If he had come to ask for his forgiveness, he would not have left him or thrown, or dragged, or had him give birth with the others. Nor is it that I believe that Simone was madly in love (I look like Alejandro Sanz) with Lola, but nobody likes to be used, nobody likes to play with their feelings, and Lola played. She played because I begin to think that Lola is guided by whims, by what she craves and there are times when the whim can be very expensive.

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Coming back from dating, Simone is the oldest of the ogres, the worst thing that Lola has been able to throw at her face. Nobody yells at her, least of all someone who doesn’t know her at all, nobody insults her, nobody gets cool. for a pimp, pimp, his lollipop -hers. Lola already takes care that everyone in the village finds out what he has done to her on the date. I swear I still don’t see what he does to her, but hey, for her the fat bitch. And Simone ceases to exist.

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Now Lola can only think of Diego, she loves Diego, she loves Diego, she doesn’t care that DiegoHe has kissed Carla because he knows that Diego is like that and she just wants to get him back. She has realized that their relationship was fine, that their relationship had little things, but that they could all be fixed, and that now all she wants is to be with him and for this to end. Wait for me to break off and peel off.

What surprises me is that she sees Lucia cry and all she desires that Lucia cannot be like this, that she has to be awakened. Lucia is smart, but she’s smart like anyone who has just seen their partner make out with two in the same night. He has a roller coaster of feelings and suddenly he is at the top as he falls at the bottom. Lola also believes or wants us to believe that she is also in a swing of feelings. He does not want anything with Simone, he cries for Diego. but what remained to be seen.


Ten minutes before the night in question, Sandra Barneda gives the boys the possibility that one of them can see what his girlfriend is doing in the villa for 10 minutes live. Diego’s doubts, who comes out of the fire without knowing if Lola is sorry or Lola doesn’t want to know anything more about their relationship, lead the boys to choose Diego for those 10 minutes of courtesy so that he can clear himself. The 10 minutes that he can see Lola seem chosen and measured to the millimeter. They are the 10 minutes in which Lola is crying bitterly in the room while Lucia holds her and in which she does not stop rememberingDiego and how beautiful their relationship was, in which he swears and perjures that he wants to leave The Island of Temptations 3 and be alone with Diego, in which he curses having entered The Island of Temptations 3 for a ” whim”. So far it seemed that everything pointed to Lola and Diego being able to fix the mess. Up to here, nothing more than up to here.

Diego’s reaction is not surprising. He feels relieved and hurt to see her like this and even comes to admit that he feels terrible because he has hooked up with Carla out of revenge. After all, Lola was fooling around with Simone and she doesn’t ask him for a single explanation, she just wants to get back to him. He admits that he has been very selfish with her and that if he had her in front of him at that moment he would hug her and who knows, he would even kiss her. Diego leaves with the fly behind his ear and thinking that he too has to do something to remedy it. However, when he arrives at the villa and meets Carla again and with the rest of the girls, from what is said to what is done comes the stretch. He no longer has it so clear or, at least, he does not want to say it so clearly to Carla, lest he tells her that one and no more Santo Tomás and then he feels like it or Lola will screw it up again and do not have man nor lips on which to dry his tears.

Little was wrong. Again the alcohol (this is another topic apart in The Island of Temptations 3 because the melodies are day in and day out too) and the party runs through the villas. Except for Raúl who is devastated when Diego tells him that in the images he has seen Claudia in the room with Toni very close together, the others give their all again. And suddenly, Lola is seen dancing with Carlos. Yes, yes with Carlos, the one who was supposed to be behind Lucia, the one who made Lucia’s misfortunes happy, the one who was Lucia’s boy, and Lola saying that there has always been a sexual tension between them. How? When? Where? At what point have we lost that Lola and Carlos had an uncontrollable sexual tension between them.

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How many images have we seen of Lola with Carlos, how many times have we heard Lucia say to take advantage of how well Carlos takes care of her if even when Lucia said I was cajoled by Lola nodded giving a damn about Carlos and the Sursum Corda. Oh sure, she was into Simone Well, it seems that yes, we missed something, or that The Island of Temptations 3 has not taught us or directly that we are blind. They say that there is no more blind than the one who does not want to see (note the irony). Neither blind nor stupid, what the hell. The fact is that the thematic party in which the boys had to dress up as girls and the girls as boys, in addition to being the most normal so far (or so it seemed) ended most unexpectedly and incredibly.

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Carlos, the funniest of the night (and in that they are right) ended up in the room where Lucía and Lola sleep asking both of them to sleep with them, in the middle, without a spoon, or a spoon, or anything, but anything could happen. And boy did it happen! Lucia, as much as she feels liberated, knows where her limits are, was very clear, she could stay to sleep with them, but Lola would be the one in the middle and Carlos and her, each, at one end. At what moment! Lucia had hardly closed her eyes and Carlos and Lola … well, and Carlos and Lola to “suck” a little bit ( Lola’s word ).


What if a leg there, what if a little touch there, what if I touch you here, what if I touch you there, what if the spoon and ladle come, what if a moan, what if another, what if I kiss you, what if he pulled me close … and they both ended up burning. Not even Lucia’s warnings of what they were doing under the covers could stop them. Why? Because Lola got carried away, as she recognized the next morning, and Carlos, well, Carlos, too, because here if you don’t want to, it doesn’t happen, but it happened. Now Lola is smiling again. How long will your smile last if you go from laughing to crying in one frame? If he was already playing with Simone with Carlos’sfinished by gambling on everything.

Not only is it what will mean that Diego now sees Lola’s “sucking” again and with another, but it is also that Diego left all convinced that Lola was very sorry, that Lola loved him, that, perhaps, you had to forgive him -another that such a dance-. If Diego found it so terrible to see her fool around with Simone a few hours after arriving at The Island of Temptations 3, I don’t want to imagine what can happen when he sees Carlos and Lola’s night, the movements under the covers, the little noises, the giggles, the faces. Diego wanted revenge and revenge is what happened with Carla, what is there beyond revenge ?.

Lola’s repentance in The Island of Temptations 3 lasted as long as candy at the door of a school. And it is no longer just that false or incomprehensible regret, it is that he has thrown himself into the pool with the one who is supposed to be the only boy who encouraged Lucia, the only boy with whom Lucia kept smiling for more than two minutes. And Lucia is or was because I don’t know anymore, Lola’s friend. To locate does not care or at least she did not care that night, because in the preview images of the next program she is heard saying that she wants to go because everyone is against her. And what are you waiting for? If, from what it seems, even to her own companions she tells them she understands this turn of events, imagine Diego or ourselves.

It is no longer a question of whether Lola cheated on Diego with this or that one, or even that it was suddenly, without prior notice, without coming to mind, without anyone expecting it, the question is that the feeling is that Lola does not know where she is or where she has gone or where she will end. Either she has an incredible need to be liked and liked or Lola is more lost than Adam on Mother’s Day. If Manuel did it wrong, if Manuel was the worst thing that had happened in The Island of Temptations 3, Lola has taken the podium from him. What explanation will you give now? What excuse are you going to make now? Well, I think none. Now Lola will do like Manuel, total liberation and let the sunrise for Antequera, and if not in time, and without waiting too long.

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