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The Most Beautiful Employee Of The Russian Guard Was Fired After 11 Years Of Service. She Was Hounded By Envious Colleagues

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In Yekaterinburg, the consideration of the claim of the former employee of the Russian Guard Anna Khramtsova against the leadership of the department began. The woman served in law enforcement agencies for 11 years, and in 2019 she won the contest “Beauty of the Russian Guard” – she was recognized as the most beautiful employee of the department. But last year Warrant Officer Khramtsova was unexpectedly dismissed from service. According to the management, Anna violated the terms of the contract, but she claims that the real reason for the dismissal is the refusal to become a “table decoration” for one of the bosses. Lenta.ru understood the details of the ugly story with a beautiful woman.

Anna Khramtsova was born into a family of police officers. Her father worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs for over 20 years and retired, and her mother still serves in law enforcement. Anna knew about the difficulties of the profession since childhood but still decided to follow in the footsteps of her parents. In 2005, Khramtsova entered the Ural State Pedagogical University and studied as a law teacher. The 23-year-old graduate began her service in the police: in 2010, she became an assistant to the duty officer of the Central Monitoring Center in the non-departmental security of Yekaterinburg.

And in 2016, with the advent of the National Guard, Khramtsov, along with the entire Directorate of Private Security, joined the new law enforcement structure. At the same time, according to Anna, the specifics of her service remained the same – she was still engaged in the protection of citizens’ property. And Anna devoted all her free time to raising her ten-year-old daughter and sports.

In the same 2016, Khramtsova became interested in bodybuilding: she twice won the fitness bikini competition in the Ural Federal District and became the absolute champion of the Sverdlovsk region. Of course, the bright and athletic woman did not remain without the attention of her colleagues. True, Anna, with her hobbies, did not always meet with understanding and approval in the team.

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With the advent of sports in my life, I began to notice that many people do not like them. Athletic. I was like a black sheep. There was tension, envy, anger. There were conflicts, fights. They even announced a boycott to me, they survived from the team Khramtsova recalls. According to the woman, this behavior was mainly distinguished by colleagues who themselves could not find the strength to get to the gym. But while some of the Rosguards were annoyed by the athletic and attractive ensign, others tried to join the ranks of her fans. Many tried to take advantage of the moment while the wife did not see, but I was not interested. Only their wives are sorry out of solidarity they wrote that my husband killed our daughter.

Khramtsova’s professional life became even more complicated after she decided to participate in the contest Beauty of the Russian Guard-2019. Having learned about the selection of candidates from colleagues, Anna also decided to apply. First, she won the Beauty in Epaulettes competition in the Sverdlovsk Region, and then she was recognized as the most beautiful employee at the All-Russian competition. But along with fame, the number of Khramtsova’s ill-wishers also grew. In July 2019, someone started Anna’s fake page on one of the social networks and began to write to the woman’s friends and acquaintances on her behalf. These messages contained scary, fictional stories about herself and her family.

My friends call me in horror and ask if I’m okay. Some scum is writing fables, supposedly my husband killed our daughter, and beat me due to the intrigues of unknown ill-wishers, Khramtsova soon began to receive negative messages in her real account. In particular, one of the users sent a watch as a gift to a fake. But when the donor realized that he was faced with deception, he began to complain about it to Anna herself. The authors of the fake account curtailed their activity only after Khramtsova threatened them with contacting the police from her own page. But Anna’s problems were not limited to Internet trolling alone. September 4, 2019, in Yekaterinburg, he and his daughter were subjected to aggression on the part of an unknown man.

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According to Anna, this happened at the moment when she went out with her daughter to the parking lot at the Megapolis shopping center and was heading towards her car. The footage published by Khramtsova on social networks showed how a certain driver demanded that she immediately give way to him, and then decided to intimidate the woman, imitating a run over. It was lucky that the blow was not strong, and Anna escaped with only fright. But this was not enough for the driver, and he got out of the car.

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Came out of his bucket and began to throw mud from head to toe, in parallel to throw threats like, If something happened to the mirror, there with mine. Anna added that frightened for her daughter, she quickly put the child in her car, filmed the attacker and his car, and got behind the wheel. And the inadequate driver continued to insult the woman until she left the parking lot.

I Just Crossed The Road For Someone

According to Khramtsova, her relationship with colleagues became worse and worse. And in December 2020, she was summoned to her boss, who announced her dismissal following an official audit. The official reason was that Khramtsova posted on her Instagram a video from the office where the sanitization took place.

Some of the woman’s colleagues saved the record and showed it to the authorities, who considered the publication a violation of the terms of service. According to the employee herself, she filmed the video with a small amount of irony to raise morale” and for a narrow circle of people. Anna is sure her act and the subsequent punishment are not comparable – the video only became a formal reason for her to survive.

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It was not possible to resolve the conflict peacefully Khramtsov was not even allowed to work for things and the remaining documents. Also, as Khramtsova notes, the text of the dismissal order does not even specify the offense for which she was fired. But the warrant officer did not put up with such a situation. She filed a lawsuit with the Leninsky District Court of Yekaterinburg demanding reinstatement in the service and payment of one million rubles in compensation for moral damage for unfair dismissal. Yekaterinburzhenka was criticized in social networks, but she answered on her Instagram page why she was demanding exactly that amount. Alas, even the priceless human life in our law enforcement practice is often not estimated at a million rubles, so there is no reason to expect generosity from the system, wrote a former employee of the Russian Guard.

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But if a miracle does happen, then I intend to support and develop the traditions of Russian charity and transfer part of the compensation in favor of one well-known, I hope, your organization with an impeccable reputation the Elizaveta Glinka Charitable Foundation “Doctor Lisa” Khramtsova also refused to apologize to her superiors. It is unproductive to be offended by the leadership, and it does not correspond to my position in life, so I filed a lawsuit in court. I think that I have nothing to apologize for and they didn’t even want to listen to my arguments, she said.

In turn, the press service of the Rosgvardia reported that Anna Khramtsova grossly violated the terms of the contract, posting in the public domain filming from restricted areas. This is what caused her dismissal. Compliance with the conditions of service is mandatory for all personnel and implies the personal responsibility of the employee’s decision on the claim of Anna Khramtsova against her former leader will be made by the Leninsky District Court of Yekaterinburg on March 30.

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