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The Sequel to ‘The Exorcist’ is still on the way with the director of ‘Halloween’

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The Exorcist will have a sequel. Tape William Friedkin is the last of the great classics of horror films to join this fashion ‘revivals’ and ‘reboots’ as they did to the Poltergeist , Pet Sematary or Carrie . As confirmed by Collider , David Gordon Green will be in charge of continuing Father Karras’ story.

Green is behind Halloween Night , the film that brought Michael Myers back in 2018 to great critical acclaim . At the moment, he is the only confirmed cast member, aside from the producers. The film will be developed under the Blumhouse label, who will work alongside James Robinson and David Robinson , from Morgan Creek – responsible for The Thing or Behind the Walls.

However, it may take some time for production to get up and running. The director is fully involved in the revival of the Halloween saga. Filming for Halloween Kills has now finished and a new sequel, Halloween Ends , has been announced . In between, he does not abandon the horror genre, since he will also direct a Hellraiser series .

At the same time, William Friedkin, director of the original installment, used Twitter to communicate that he was not involved in any way in the remake. ” There is a rumor on IMDb that I am working on a new version of The Exorcist . It is not a rumor, it is a lie . There is not enough money or motivation in the world to make me go back to it.”

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Plans for the sequel to The Exorcist have been around since last August, when it became known that Morgan Creek was working on the project.

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