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They Are Already Preparing The Reboot Of Stargate

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After long rumored that they will make a remake, the 1994 movie Stargate will finally get a reboot.

In 1992, director Roland Emmerich and screenwriter Dean Devlin made a huge splash with Universal Soldier , one of the films that made Jean-Claude Van Damme a superstar . So they got together again to make Stargate , a science fiction story that went on to gross almost $ 200 million worldwide.

Although Stargate was a moderate success, it seems that the film studio never considered making a second installment, but at least it found its space on television with series like SG-1 , Atlantis and Universe , the web series Origins and the animation titled Infinity. . To all this must be added the video films The Ark of Truth , Continuum and Children of the Gods .

Therefore, there is a large fan base that wants to see more about the Stargate franchise and now they will bet on the reboot. Although it has not been specified if Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin will return or if he will bet on new managers who give him a different approach.

What was the original movie about?

The original 1994 Stargate movie starred Kurt Russell , James Spader, and Jaye Davidson . The story began when they found a portal buried thousands of years ago. Unable to decipher it, the military enlists the linguist specializing in Egyptian writing Dr. Jackson (James Spader) for help. He gets the portal to open and the military led by Colonel Jack O’Neil (Kurt Russell) travel to another part of the Universe. A world similar to ancient Egypt where humans consider an extraterrestrial being the God Ra(Jaye Davidson), but he actually usurped a human’s body and has been kept alive thanks to his superior technology. As they investigate, they realize that thousands of years ago they used the portal to enslave humans and bring them there. After a revolt they consign to kill that being and the soldiers return while Dr. Jackson decides to stay.

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Who knows if the Stargate reboot will show in more detail the first contact between aliens and the Egyptians. Thus the new story, although similar, will be different from the one they raised in 1994.

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