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This Is Us Season 5 Will Arrive On Amazon Prime – See The Premiere Date

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The fourth season of This Is Us was included in the Brazilian catalog of Amazon Prime Video. Now, fans who watch the series begin to question when the continuity of the series will be made available. Well, the fifth season has already started showing on closed TV. That way, we can already predict when the episodes will arrive in streaming.

What will happen in the fifth season of This Is Us?

As with other productions, This Is Us is on track to catch up with current US problems. In the background, this season, the series addresses the death of George Floyd and the Coronavirus. Although, these are not the central plots of Season 5.

Thus, the season revisits the past and shows how it impacts the characters’ present. Kevin discovers Madison’s pregnancy. In fact, at that moment he imagines how the world will be with the pandemic and the baby’s arrival.

By sharing the news with Kate and Toby, Kevin and Madison also prepare for forty. Soon, she suggests that a visit to Rebecca would be good. In turn, Rebecca had her trial canceled, thanks to COVID-19. Thus, Toby and Jack begin their journey and reach the season to celebrate the 40 years of the ‘Great Trio’.

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Another concern is the brutality of George Floyd’s death. Upon discovering the murder, Beth and Randall are amazed and discuss the situation.

Air Date: When the fifth season of This Is Us arrives on Amazon Prime Video?

This is not very good news. At the time this article is written, the fifth season of This Is Us, has just premiered, both on American TV and on Brazilian TV. In Brazil, FOX holds the primary exhibition rights. In turn, the broadcaster insists on, in addition to showing the episodes, replaying them.

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Thus, it is likely that we will see new episodes arriving on Amazon Prime, only in October 2021.

Cast: Who returns in the new season of This Is Us?

Much of the cast is back, after all, the series revolves around them. With that we have Sterling K. Brown (as Randall), Chrissy Metz (as Kate) and Justin Hartley (as Kevin). Her parents are portrayed by Mandy Moore (as Rebecca) and Milo Ventimiglia (as Jack).

Also, Susan Kelechi Watson as Randall’s wife, Beth, Chris Sullivan as Kate’s husband, Toby, Ron Cephas Jones as Randall’s biological father, Will and Jon Huertaz as the stepfather of the Great trio, Miguel are present in the cast.

This Is Us is renewed until the sixth season

Even before the debut of the fourth season, NBC renewed This Is Us until the sixth season. However, the American channel also confirmed that the sixth will be the last year of the series.

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The plot of This Is Us

This Is Us follows the story of the triplets Kevin, Kate and Randall, also known as ‘The Great Trio’. They were born on their father’s 36th birthday. The series begins when they are also 36 and tracks their individual problems.

Kevin is a frustrated actor, Kate lives dissatisfied because of her weight insecurities, and Randall wants to find out who her biological father is.

But, the great portrait of the series, is when we follow, how other characters shape these three as people. The transformation journey of the three begins with their parents, Jack and Rebecca. The program’s stories also reveal their stories. So we delve into the characters’ past and explore what that means for them.

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