TI10 Prize Pool- US$30 Million has been set for TI10 Winner DOTA2

TI10 Prize Pool
TI10 Prize Pool

TI10 Prize Pool is rapidly increasing; it can also hit a total of US$40 million!! A Prize pool of US$30 million marks for The International 2020(TI10) has been passed recently which means it has now become the second-highest prize pool in the world for a single tournament among all of the esports.

TI10 Prize Pool- US$30 Million has been set for TI10 Winner DOTA2

TI10 Prize Pool
TI10 Prize Pool

DOTA 2 Prize Pool History:

From the tracker of the Dota 2 prize pool, we have analyzed that it took only 62 days and around eight hours from the release of the TI10 Battle Pass to grow the prize pool to this point. It can also break its previous records.

In the history of this tournament TI10’s prize pool is the fastest growing by so far. US$10 million prize pool was just marked only in two days and 19 hours of the release. In 30 days, it has crossed a total of US$20 million.

TI9 and TI10 Prize Pool:

We can compare the prize pools from the TI9 in which the world record has been made and it currently TI9 who holds the record of the highest prize pool of US$34.3 million among all the esports. US$26.4 million was the base at starting which was raised by its own crowdfunding period.

In the total prize pool of US$30, US$28.4 was contributed by Dota 2 community by just selling the TI10 Batlle Passes thus far, the remaining amount was provided by one of the sponsor Valve as the base price for the pool.

Battle Pass Benefits:

The battle passes for this year came along with three new Arcanas, two hero Personas, and a new Roguelike game mode which is also known as Aghanim’s Labyrinth. This year’s speed of TI10’s prize pool has been a bang to boost up the tournament to make it a grand slam.

48 days are still remaining until the end of the crowdfunding period through TI10’s battle passes there is no doubt that another record is going to be set in the coming days.

TI10 Postponed to 2021:

Here the main news which needs to be considered is even after breaking all the records for getting the highest prize pool for this tournament, it is not going to happen this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic as said by the authorities.

It was originally scheduled from August 18-23 in Stockholm, Sweden. But now because of this global pandemic, the event has been postponed to next year.

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