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Vandals Burn Down The Center Of Barcelona, ​​prey On The Hotel Business And Attack Two Police Stations On The Fourth Night Of Riots

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It seems that several Catalan towns have subscribed to the violent incidents during this week in the rallies to protest the arrest of Pablo Hasel. The Mossos d’Esquadra detained two people in Barcelona, one as the alleged perpetrator of an attack on authorities and the other for public disorder, and another two in Girona on the fourth night of riots.

In Barcelona, ​​organized violent groups have once again set up barricades and caused significant damage, damage to furniture and various establishments, and the burning of containers. The worst part was taken by the restaurants on La Rambla as the violence has swept away the accumulated material from the terraces since the premises cannot open due to covid restrictions. The action deserved the reproach of businessmen in the restaurant sector since the losses from having the establishment closed are added to those of damaged furniture.

The protest began with a rally in the Plaza Universitat in which the agents identified and denounced several people for wearing ski masks, paint sprays, hammers, flares, a key to open lamppost doors, and an extendable defense. The agents have also requisitioned all this material.

An hour later, in Via Laietana, the first incidents began when protesters threw stones, paint, and fireworks at the police line that protected the offices of the National Police Force. Subsequently, they have been barricaded with burning containers in the Pla de Palau area, where they have clashed and thrown stones at neighbors who criticized them for their violent attitudes. Then they have destroyed two banks.

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Later, the violent groups went to the Guardia Urbana police station in Ciutat Vella, although as they passed through El Born they have caused significant damage to shops and banks in the area. Upon reaching the Rambla, they launched an attack on the agents who protected the police stations and caused damage to the terraces of the restaurants and urban furniture. The action of the violence has also focused on carrying out acts of looting in different sportswear and fashion stores in the area.

On the Rambla, they have barricaded containers, planters, and furniture from the restaurants that have been burned in different parts of the street. The group of violent hooded men spent more than two hours causing damage and destruction in different parts of the city center and have attacked the Mossos. Several police vehicles have been damaged with glass and mirrors broken by stone blows.

In Girona, violent groups have thrown stones and bottles at the Mossos police line that protected the courts and have caused damage and destruction of urban furniture and burning of containers in the area of ​​the Cup and Canalejas street and the acequia. They have also destroyed three banks in the Plaza de la Independencia, the Mercadal, and Nou Street. Also, four mossos have suffered injuries during the riots. Agents detained two people, adding to the 59 arrested during the week.

In Vilafranca del Penedes, a group of rioters has gone to the Mossos police station where they have thrown paint, fireworks, and stones at the building and the Mossos guarding it. They have damaged police vehicles and painted them.

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