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Vince Mcmahon Will Fly Senses After Hearing This News Of Huge Loss To WWE

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  • WWE losses from Raw episode. Know what happened this time?
  • The viewership of WWE Raw has always been a cause of concern for Vince McMahon.

WWE is now moving towards the final PPV TLC of its year. The buildup is going on in WWE Raw and SmackDown. This week’s episode of Raw was good. But again this time in terms of viewership has suffered. WWE has been suffering a lot of damage for some time.

WWE suffered losses again

This week WWE Raw had a viewership of 1.736 million. Last week’s viewership stood at 1.741 million. There has been a little less viewership this week. Though there is a small gap the talk is very bad. This trend about Raw has gone on at the moment. From the first to the third hour, the viewership collapses. This has not only happened this time, but Raw has been in bad shape for some time. WWE started the show with 1.852 million but eventually came to an end in 1.583.

By the way, this trend has now gone on in Raw that the viewership of the first hour is special and the last one gets lost. This has been happening for the last year. Earlier, the third-hour viewership was always great. But now it is not so. It is now upside down. Raw is a three-hour show and this gives the company high expectations. The SmackDown show is up at the moment. The two-hour show has more than two million viewerships live there. The issue of viewership has been a concern for Vince McMahon for some time. For this, they have done many things but all of them have failed.

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Recently, Stephanie McMahon has also said that she has done a lot to increase viewership but all things have failed at this time. By the way, there is no big name in Raw. Superstars like Brock Lassner, Becky Lynch are not yet in Raw. But it has been a long time now. The company will have to think about this differently. If the rating is not corrected soon, the company may suffer further losses.

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