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Watch Dogs : Legion’s Online mode Until 2021

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Watch Dogs : Legion an action adventure game published by Ubisoft and parallelly developed by Toronto Studio. Alongside following the traditional elements of gameplay from previous titles, Legion use multiple playable character, recruited and controlled at any time to control missions.

Unlike, each playable characters has their own unique skills and backgrounds. Apart from this, characters can be lost permanently if players enable the permadeath before starting a new game. Four-player cooperative multiplayer will also be included too.

Also know

Whereas Legion was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia. Along with a launch title in November for the Xbox Series X/S, the PlayStation 5 and Amazon Luna.

Alternatively Ubisoft is currently focusing on improvements to the game, including cross save progression across platforms, GPU performance on PC, and various bug and performance fixes. The Ubisoft Toronto game offers a smashing single player campaign where one can overthrow the force oppressing the city.


  • Angela Bottis Casting Production Manager)
  • Nathalie Colen (Casting aasistant)
  • Hannah Cook (Casting assistant)

Art Department

Pim Hendriks (texture artist)

Animation Department

  • Derek Arthurs (technical animator)
  • Rory James (head mounted camera technician)
  • Rundeep Khaira (cinematic animator)
  • Chaeyeon Lee (animator)
  • Sedona Parnham (gameplay animator)
  • Darren Randall (animation director)

Camera and electrical Department

Alexandro Cameron (HMC Technician)

Voice actors and cast list

  • Dalton Wolfe – Warren Brown
  • Aiden Pearce – Noam Jenkins
  • Bagley – Pascal Langdale
  • Sabine Brandt – Olivia Morgan
  • The Wrench – Shawn Baichoo
  • Stormy – Stormzy
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Here are some other voice actors audience can expect –

  • Richard Malik – Esh Alladi
  • Sinead – Rosemary Dunsmore
  • Kamish – Mazin Elsadig
  • Skye Larsen – Olivia Grant
  • James Bracton – Allan James Cooke
  • Mary Kelley – Pooky Quesnel
  • Nigel Cass – Lee Ross
  • Emma Child – Elizabeth Saunders
  • Nowt – Cath Whitefield
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Released Date

The Watch Dogs Legion release date is October 29, 2020.

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