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What Do You Want To See For Mark Harmon’s Gibbs On NCIS Season 19?

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Regrettably, we’re now firmly entrenched at the NCIS hiatus the season 18 finale aired two weeks ago, and we are now waiting until fall to see what’s next. What better way to spend this hiatus than looking over what the future could look like to get a few of those NCIS characters moving forward into the new season?

Mark Harmon’s character of Jethro Gibbs gets top billing, as he very much should at this stage. He’s the series’ most popular personality, the face of the franchise, in addition to a guy with an unclear future. We all know he will be back, and he may have a renewed sense of purpose after nearly getting blown up on his boat in the final minutes of the finale.

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Below, have a look at five different things NCIS should examine with Gibbs at some stage over the course of season 19…

Episode Count, It’s still not 100% clear the number of episodes Harmon is going to be a part of, but when he is not going to be in all of them, we believe that he should still maintain the majority of them. Another consideration is if Mark’s shooting schedule could be corrected where he could appear in every event while only working a certain number of days — think in a way that is similar to Tom Selleck over on Blue Bloods, who appears constantly even if he only constitutes a small fraction of total screen time.

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Cliffhanger Aftermath It goes without saying that we need to see how Gibbs survives the boat explosion, plus what he does after the fact. Can Marcie reunite, and will he loop in NCIS after this attempt on his life? With him being a potential victim, it certainly falls under their jurisdiction even when they would all be invested in the instance. Who blew up his boat!?!?!

Relationship Updates Is he speaking with Sloane? We would love to learn about this, especially considering that if Gibbs was to leave for a while, we’d at least understand it if it involved him going away to be with her. With Phineas bringing Sloane up once they said goodbye, it feels just like the show may not be carried out together.

What’s Going to Drive Him Now? Let us say he discovers who blew his ship and justice is served (assuming he did not blow up his own ship, which is a favorite theory) what is next? We’d hope that this near-death experience would inspire him to rejoin NCIS or push Vance for a partial reinstatement.

More Fornell We wrote about this recently, but it bears repeating that we will need to see more of Joe Spano in actions alongside Gibbs. The longer of Jethro’s friendships we receive, the happier we will be. We love the back and forth between them.

What Do You Want To See For Mark Harmon’s Gibbs On NCIS Season 19?

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