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When Antonio Banderas Was The 2021 Goya Awards: “There Is No Greater Nightmare Than Empty Movie Theaters”

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Let us respect the victims. We would like to remain in the memory like that gala in which the flame of recovery was lit. At the Goya Awards for the pandemic, it all began and ended with Antonio Banderas. From the memory of the deceased and the invisible of the film industry to the landing of Hollywood, everything went through the actor from Malaga. Owner and lord of a theater and a gala that is soberer and faster than usual with the echo of emptiness in the stalls of the Soho Caixabank Theater in Malaga.

My first thought is to the nominees who are on this stage, even if it is telematically. Welcome to Malaga, welcome home. That was the beginning of Banderas before unleashing with his close-up on camera the defense of the film industry accompanied by Maria Casado, in a hard time for the trade. There is no greater nightmare than that of empty theaters because hundreds of people make a living from cinema and we cannot allow them to be invisible or anonymous. One has the feeling that only the tip of the iceberg of the cinematographic family is glimpsed, but there are many more who do not walk on the red carpets, do not pose for the cameras, do not appear in the press and do not receive awards declared Banderas.

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Time of crisis, I remember technicians, editors, or councilors. Later, Hollywood stars disembark to endorse the defense of the national cinema. The Malaga-born agenda brought Robert De Niro, Charlize Theron, Guillermo del Todo, Barbra Streisand, Al Pacino, Nicole Kidman, Dustin Hoffman, Laura Dern, Isabelle Hupert, Glenn Close or Emma Thompson to his city.

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And, in the midst of the American brilliance, Angela Molina whispers to her honorary Goya I have told her that she is my love. That was the beginning, then came the phrase to remember Perhaps perhaps cinema is like life that is not enjoyed without others. Enjoyment in the middle of the Malaga emptiness that Aitana contributed with her version of Happy days is here again, by Barbra Streisand and Nathy Peluso with the memory of La Violetera by Sara Montiel. Popular music for the musical future in the Spanish language.

That’s where Banderas returned, a shiny T-shirt without a tie under a black suit, modernity along with the emotionality of his words. All of you who are here have fought very hard and that is already worthy of an award you are missed, he remarked before recalling that the world of cinema does not belong to the category of essentials, but it does belong to comedians they just want to lend a hand and pitch in.

The share of this group of essentials was left to Ana Maria Ruiz, the nurse in charge of delivering the Goya for Best Film. Thanks to the healthcare community, our patients receive care and attention. The cure is not always possible, but company and consolation are possible, started this health company that was in charge of setting up the library of the Ifema field hospital in the midst of a pandemic that also had a special mention for people who since the world of culture have contributed with entertainment in the fight against the coronavirus helping all the victims of this damn pandemic in all its forms. Enjoy this art and let yourself be taken care of because having cured a lot of evil good is already near Ruiz concluded, quoting Don Quixote, who this Saturday could well have been Banderas.

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