Where and how the Australian Tennis Open 2021 will be organizing??

Australia Tennis Open
Australia Tennis Open
Australian Tennis Open
Australian Tennis Open

Craig Tiley chief executive of Australia Tennis Open was exploring all possible options to host the event successfully in 2021.

Where and how the Australian Tennis Open 2021 will be organizing??

One of the most prominent options that organizers are thinking of to conduct the event as a bio-secure tournament in 2021 with few of the spectators.

Since the COVID pandemic is the new usual and also changed the lifestyle of each and everyone, so there is no way out. It is better to play safe with proper guidance instead of playing with human life.

Highlights for the Tournament –

  1. Overseas players will be in quarantine for some period of time and will go under proper screening.
  2. Organizers will be taking an idea from the 2020 US Open and French Open regarding event hosting.
  3. Spectators and the supporters from overseas will also be in quarantine and mandatorily go for Tennis Australia chief.

Preparation is in process for this event as Craig Tiley wanted this tournament to be the first Grand Slam event of 2021 with proper care and safety of each and every individual who will be the part of the tournament.

Australian Tennis Open Reports:

From the reports, there will be very few spectators will be allowed to present in 2021, and players and supporters from overseas will be quarantined for 10-15 days prior to the event with proper guidelines from the Australian government.

While speaking to AP, chief Craig Tiley conveyed that, “they have made the decision this week, to go with a number of options alternately for the event”.

They are very clear with the audience that there won’t be as many audiences as they had last year, they had a record of 821000 members entered from the gates to spectate the match.

Fans from Melbourne, New Zealand, and Victoria state will be the part if the restrictions from the borders will be removed otherwise, the overseas audience may not be a part this year.

Looking forward to this tournament Craig and team are planning for a grand opening in 2021 with various options.

Organizers have already decided on how the event will be held in January 2021.