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WWE Monday Night Raw: Coverage And Results For February 1, 2021

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Drew McIntyre opens Monday Night Raw. Talk about the beginning of the Road to Wrestlemania after what happened last night at Royal Rumble. He highlights the great moments from the show and talks about his respect for Goldberg, whom he defeated to retain the WWE Championship. When he starts talking about the men’s Royal Rumble, he is interrupted.

Edge, winner of the Royal Rumble 2021, comes to the ring. Drew says Edge was a mentor to him and thanks to him for everything I did. He remembers how sad it was to see his retirement and talks about how he reacted when he returned last year. “When you got injured again, I thought it was over for you.

But no, you were the first out yesterday and you won. I’m happy and proud to acknowledge Drew. Edge appreciates the compliments. “I really like you, and I’ve been a mentor. That’s why I have to be direct. What about you? I won last night at Royal Rumble, I can challenge you for the Championship at Wrestlemania. You did it last year, you know more than anyone who I am. a threat, “says Edge. McIntyre says that he is not the type of champion that Edge was, he is not an opportunist and that is why he does not receive him with a kick in the ring.

Sheamus interrupts them. Annoyed with Edge, he asks where he was when McIntyre ran the business in turbulent times. Sheamus stands up to Edge defiantly, but Drew stops him. Edge, you won the Royal Rumble last night. Are you going to make your decision or will I make it? McIntyre asks.

Edge says he is the ultimate opportunist, and when he announces his decision, Drew will know it. But you must know that you have a great white on your back, he adds. You should know, let him choose who he chooses, I will leave Wrestlemania with a championship, Edge closes. Sheamus and Drew are left laughing in the ring while Edge leaves.

Brogue Kick to Drew! Sheamus surprises McIntyre with his kick, who lies beaten and surprised in the ring.

Charly Caruso interviews Sheamus backstage. Sheamus says he’s tired of being known as Drew McIntyre’s friend. He’s not my friend anymore, and I want the WWE Championship,” Sheamus shoots before leaving.

Fight for the United States Championship

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Riddle
rings the bell and Riddle lashes out at Lashley. The champion manages to stop the offense with a takedown and subsequent Ground and pound. Bobby’s Vertical Suplex, who charges but is pulled out of the ring by Riddle. Moonsault towards ringside, Riddle returns Lashley to the ring but receives the Hurt Lock against the ropes before he can enter. Lashley does not break the key despite the referee’s warning, being disqualified.
Winner by disqualification: Riddle.

After the fight, Lashley leaves the ring and continues to apply the Hurt Lock.

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Bad Bunny arrives in a luxurious car before commercials.

Riddle is served by referees and WWE personnel at ringside following the attack by Bobby Lashley.

Randy Orton texts Edge. He says he didn’t think he could go back, and congratulates him on his victory last night. But there’s a problem. I told everyone you’d never come back, and here you are. That makes me look like a liar.

Orton yells annoyed. He reviews all the damage he did to him, but because he loves him like a brother. I did everything out of mercy and compassion. You will not make it to the main event of Wrestlemania, because you decided to ignore me and forget everything I did. Today there will be no mercy or compassion. There will be no main event of Wrestlemania for you,” says The Viper.

Xavier Woods talks to Kofi Kingston before heading out to fight. He is happy to have him in his corner and feels confident to continue facing RETRIBUTION.

Mustafa Ali (c / RETRIBUTION) vs. Xavier Woods (c / Kofi Kingston)

Good start for Woods, who after a Clothesline takes Ali out of the ring. Mustafa responds with a Neckbreaker upon returning. Ali yells at Kofi while attacking Xavier. Another Neckbreaker and a count of two about Xavier. Woods with twists goes on to apply a Side Russian Leg Sweep. I discussed Clothesline and account interrupted by T-Bar. Kofi launches himself on Slapjack after pushing himself into the T-Bar itself.
Meanwhile, Ali tries to take advantage to cover Woods, but Xavier reverses with a pin of his own to take the victory.
Winner: Xavier Woods.

In an office, Damien Priest talks to Bad Bunny, warning about what can happen to him when he is on Miz TV tonight.

The Miz and John Morrison are departing to kick off Miz TV. They review some moments of Royal Rumble and flatter Bad Bunny to welcome you into space. Miz thanks you for your presence and wants to clear things up with him. Before continuing, you see a video that reviews the events with Bad Bunny in yesterday’s show. Miz apologizes to Bad Bunny but has nothing to say to them.

Miz asks him about his interest in wrestling, and he states that those who have been under his leadership have accomplished great things. He puts Daniel Bryan as an example and affirms that he could do great things with Bad Bunny. Morrison and Miz sing one of their ideas to Bad Bunny, who maintains that he is not interested. Miz is furious and says that the ring can be a very dangerous place. Bad Bunny is calm and says that he is only here because a friend wanted to be on Miz TV.

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The lights go out and Damian Priest comes out on stage. Priest reaches the ring and connects a right hand to Miz.

Damian Priest Vs. The Miz (C / John Morrison)

Bad Bunny watches from the commentary table. Priest dominates the fight and salutes Bunny after flying over Miz and John. Miz attacks Damian’s eyes and slams him against the post. Miz goes on the attack and connects Ax Handle from the corner. Miz argues with Bad Bunny, tries to knee Damian but he stops him. Hard Clothesline for Miz. The Archer of Infamy targets Miz and goes after him. Broken

distracts Priest. Miz takes the opportunity to walk his rival. Morrison climbs back into the ring to distract the referee. Miz crawls out to grab his Money in the Bank briefcase, but Bad Bunny takes it from him. Morrison walks up to Bunny, who gives it to him but surprises him with a blow from the microphone. Priest connects the Reckoning to finish off The Miz.
Winner: Damian Priest.

Match For The Raw Couples Championship

The Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander w / MVP) (c) vs. Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado)
Shelton and Lince start the fight. Dorado surprises him with his agility and receives the relief of Metalik. Shelton controls it with his power and gives relief to Alexander. Lynx takes Cedric out of the ring and together with Metalik he also attacks Shelton. The challengers take control of the ring before the break.

Returning, Cedric kicks Lynx hard. Relay for Shelton, who connects Body Slam and searches for the account without success. Another failed pin attempt after a Gutbuster on Lince. Cedric enters confident to continue looking for victory. Metalik receives the relief and charges against the champions.

Reverse an Arm Drag against the ropes and land a large Hurricanrana after walking the ropes. Metalik’s Slingblade and relay for Lynx. Dorado launches on Frog Splash followed by a Metalik Senton. Benjamin breaks the account just in time. He knocks Lince off the corner, Cedric then connects Knee Strike to Metalik. Cedric prepares to finish but Shelton takes over. Paydirt and count of three.
Winners: The Hurt Business.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka are interviewed before going into the ring. Flair says he feels bad about his mistake last night and disappointing his teammate. Asuka isn’t happy she lost and blames Ric Flair, Lacey Evans, and the distractions they created. Charlotte says she’s focused on getting the championships back.

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In the pre-match video, Naomi tells Lana that she knows what she’s feeling and that she can trust her.

Charlotte Flair & Asuka vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Lana & Naomi

Naomi and Flair start the fight. They try to kick it but they both react at the same time. Same situation with Asuka and Mandy. Lana and Dana take over, Lana searches for the account without success. Rose attacks her and covers, but Asuka breaks the account. After the break, it’s Flair who tries to beat Dana.

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He catches her with his legs and repeatedly smashes her face against the canvas. Asuka throws herself in Dropkick on Mandy, Lana takes over but Charlotte receives her. Naomi walks in and lashes out at Flair.

He beats her against the ropes and hits a big Springboard Kick, although it is not enough. Flair looks for his key on Lana, but can’t. Mandy, Dana, Naomi, Asuka, all go in and attack a rival. Ric Flair’s music plays once more and the Nature Boy comes out alongside Lacey Evans. Charlotte takes over from Asuka.
Winners: Naomi & Lana.

Naomi & Lana get a shot at the Women’s Couples Championships.

Charly Caruso interviews Drew McIntyre. The WWE Champion says I’ve fought Sheamus more times than he remembers, but this one is different. Sheamus, you chose to throw away our friendship of twenty years for this? Do you want the fight? You have it, says the champion visibly affected. Video of Carlito, who returned to WWE last night at Royal Rumble.

Carlito & Jeff Hardy Vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Carlito dominates Elias at the start. On both sides, Jeff connects his classic offense on Ryker. Jaxson reacts and gives relief to Elias, who hits Jeff hard. Stop Hardy from getting to his corner and hit Carlito. Sit Out Chokeslam and count two on Hardy. Carlito takes over and connects Knee Strike to Ryker. Swanton Bomb from Jeff to Elias for the count of three.
Winners: Carlito & Jeff Hardy.

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