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WWE Superstar Aj Styles Is The Greatest Wrestler In The World

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  • Former WWE Superstar big talk about AJ Styles. Know what you said
  • AJ Styles is scheduled to compete with McIntyre at WWE TLC.

Lucha Libre Online was recently interviewed by former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth. In this interview, James Ellsworth described WWE superstar AJ Styles as the greatest wrestler in the world.

Former WWE Superstar spoke big about AJ Styles

In this interview, James Ellsworth also talked about the WWE Championship match with AJ Styles. Dean Ambrose was also a part of this fuse. James Ellsworth was greatly benefited by him. AJ Styles had faced James Ellsworth four times in his WWE career. Three times James Ellsworth got the win. Won by pin twice. And also won the WWE Championship match. However, the title could not come to him through disqualification. After this, there was a match for the WWE Championship once again and this time they had to face defeat.

James Ellsworth described the match against AJ Styles in his WWE run as the best moment. James Ellsworth served in the WWE from 2016 to 2018. He also had a good moment with Carmella and Asuka in Survivor Series. James Ellsworth said,

It was a big thing for me to stand with him when I came in the ring in the WWE title match against AJ Styles. AJ Styles is the greatest wrestler in the world. It was a big dream for me that I had seen since childhood. I was in the World Title match and Crowd was chanting my name as you landed in the main event against Best Wrestler. On TV, nothing was better for me than it was happening. Two Moments have always been special for me in WWE. I can never forget these.”

James Ellsworth’s WWE run was quite entertaining. While in the company he did a lot of entertainment fans. Between 2016 and 2018, he did the best comedy in every storyline here.

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