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WWE Surpasses 10 Million followers on Tik Tok

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Through a press release, published on its official website, WWE has announced that its Tik Tok account has exceeded 10 million followers. The figure has been reached after one year of operation. In this way, the company has surpassed other renowned accounts, such as the official NFL, MLB, or UFC, among many others.

“The WWE Universe helped propel WWE to surpass the 10 million fan mark in just over a year,” the company wrote in the statement. “The total number of WWE fans on the platform exceeds similar sports accounts such as the NFL, MLB, UFC, and othersWWE on TikTok offers fans all the hard-hitting action, jaw-dropping moments in the ring, fun clips, unique twists on Latest Challenges, Kickoff Show Pre-Pay-Per-View Shows, and More

WWE is an expert in the field of social media. It has always been considered a state-of-the-art company and has achieved great figures on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, among others. Precisely on YouTube, WWE also surpasses important companies in the world of sports such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, ESPN, and NASCAR. In December 2020, the company surpassed 70 million subscribers on YouTube. “To date, only five other channels have passed this milestone, and the WWE YouTube channel is also the fifth most viewed channel in the world with more than 52 billion video views,” WWE wrote in a press release. published on its official website.

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