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Xavi’s Plans: ‘yes’ To Return To Barca With Font (Or Laporta), But Not Before April

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The Barca elections are here. The candidates speak and speak of names and the aforementioned get on the car of illusion or remain neutral as is the case of Xavi Hernandez. The possibility of the Barca legend returning to the club or not has been misinterpreted in recent days. Victor Font one of the favorite candidates put his name to the fore along with Jordi Cruyff’s and Xavi’s words in his last interview in the Periodico de Catalunya or the silence he currently maintains have been interpreted as a negative.

Nothing is further from reality. Will Xavi come if Victor Font wins? Absolutely yes, as the candidate ratified in the MARCA pages last week. Xavi is a man of his word and has spent years talking to Font about the project and sports organization that the two aspire to for the Barça of the future. Therefore, if Font wins Xavi will be Barca’s general manager. In what role? The general manager thing sounds bombastic but it portrays the wide responsibilities that the crack would have in the club.

Of course, XH would start as a distance advisor until March or April, when the Qatari League ends. From there he would serve as general manager with Jordi Cruyff building the squad as sports director. All ratified by Font in BRAND. Of course respecting Koeman, who would continue to be the coach if the results and feelings of this campaign supported him. Otherwise, Xavi would be the first coach since the summer. Why wouldn’t it come in January? The elections are in January, but Barca already has a coach whom Xavi deeply respects. But, in addition, Xavi has a word not only with Font but with the Qatari leaders, whom he thanks so much for the treatment and the opportunity given. The League and Cups with Al Sadd will not end until March or April.

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Only then could Xavi travel to Barcelona, ​​even though he previously worked as a consultant and/or manager in the shadows. Why is Xavi not actively positioning himself with Font? XH transcends Font and any other candidate. He is a legend and he wants to be an asset of the club, whatever happens. In other words, do not hinder or condition with demonstrations before the elections. XH does not speak publicly, but the commitment to Font is more than clear. In addition, there is another variable. Laporta, Font’s supposed maximum rival, is a good friend of XH and, as the crack himself has said several times, he was “the best president he had as a player. Together they achieved many titles for the common goal: Barça. Therefore to speak now would be to disrespect the friend, Laporta, beyond the commitment that Xavi has, that he has with Font.

Could Xavi return if Font does NOT win? It is not ruled out, but it would never be at the initiative of XH. If Laporta wins and is good enough to invite Xavi, the former player would hardly say no. One thing is clear whether Font wins or not, Xavi, one day, will coach Barça. And Laporta is not stupid He knows what Xavi is worth, for football and for the fans. It might not be the first option already, but life is long Would Xavi leave Qatar? No. If XH returned to Barça in April, the star would continue to be linked to Qatar 2022 as an ambassador. They have been many years of relationship and the influence of Catalan in football in that country is profuse.

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Therefore, it would not be lost overnight. At the very least, he would be an ambassador for the 2022 World Cup, yes, from a distance and with a different role than he has played so far. And so it is. On January 24, the sentence will be handed down, but not everything will stay there

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